When professionals take on the job, the move goes smoothly and without problems. The King Arthur Moving Company is happy to help you if you need it:

  • to move into another apartment;
  • to go out with your belongings to the country house;
  • move a large company to a new office space;
  • need the services of a warehouse.

King Arthur Moving Company will organize the transportation of Your things “turnkey”. In our team there are experienced appraisers, movers, furniture collectors, riggers, drivers. Our masters are like sappers – they work carefully and professionally. In our priority – smart move. The result is achieved through competent planning, quality packaging materials, an experienced team.

Below we would like to introduce you to our Constitution, a set of principles that guide us not only in professional but also in personal life. Our Constitution is called – RESPECT and is based on three global concepts – honesty, clarity and justice.




1. An employee is a person as the main source of welfare of the company, its employees and their families.

2. To oneself, as individuals. Constant work on oneself, stable intellectual and professional growth.

3. To oneself, as a professional, whose performance criterion is the achieved result.

4. To one’s own colleagues at work. Responsibility for the overall result.

5. To effective work as a creative element of life for each of us.

6. To the clients for whom our business exists. We strive to provide EVA (emotional value added) in everything we do for our customers. The loyalty of our customers is a sign that we exceed their expectations in the quality of our work.

7. To the company, through the understanding that the company creates the conditions for our efficient operation. The company cannot guarantee anything except what is necessary for professional self-realisation. All warranties are located outside the company, where our esteemed current and potential customers live and work. Before asking what the company has done for you, ask what you have done for the company.

8. To competing companies, as opponents that need to be known and understood. Competition is an engine of progress, a crucible in which the quality and efficiency of the company is improved.

9. To family, close friends and relatives. The well-being of those for whom we are responsible depends on the contribution of each of us.

10. To a society in which the Company conducts its financial and economic activities and in which the Company creates material and other benefits for the benefit and prosperity of society and the country as a whole.

11. Reality, as the highest criterion of effectiveness and adequacy of results and processes.

We try to develop long-term relationships with the client and always work for the future, so be sure the services ordered from the King Arthur Moving Company are your right choice.