Checklist: How To Properly Take The Moving Work

Perhaps the best way to get rid of the hassle of moving is to go to a professional. Moving company employees will really take on most of the tasks.

But does this mean that the entire responsibility for your move will fall on the mover?

Still, no. And it is important not only to be responsible for the choice of the company, but also to accept the work competently.

We understand that after the end of the move, we would like to complete the formalities as soon as possible, to conduct specialists and start learning in a new place. But first it is necessary to make sure that the move was really “excellent”. It will not take much time, but will insure you against possible misunderstandings in the future.

We have prepared a handy checklist with which you will not miss a single important detail.

So, at the end of the move with an employee of a mover company:

  1. Check the availability of the full package of documents (properly executed and signed on both sides of the contract with annexes + acceptance report + payment documents).
  2. Check the availability of all property on the list (King Arthur Moving Company encloses the list to the service agreement). With large items and furniture, as a rule, no questions arise. Also count boxes of things, household appliances, sports equipment (bicycles, skis), etc.
  3. Make sure there is no damage to the property – carefully inspect the furniture and boxes from all sides.
  4. If the furniture has been assembled – be sure to check the quality of assembly (the furniture is flat, does not wobble, all doors are tightly closed, drawers “walk” smoothly, handles are securely screwed on).
  5. Inspect the walls and floors in the room after the work for any damage to the finish, pay special attention to the door openings and walls in narrow corridors.
  6. If you refused to unpack the property by the staff of the muving company, you should check the integrity of all the boxes – there should be no traces of damage to the packaging, dents and crevices.
  7. When transporting property that belongs to the list of technically complex goods (household and office appliances), be sure to check its performance. This should be done twice on the day of moving – before packing and transportation and after – and must be done in the presence of movers.
  8. If you move property that requires special care, such as fragile, valuable or memorable items (our contract has a separate Appendix 2 to fix the list of such items), at the end of the move you must unpack and inspect it.
  9. Check that all used packaging material has been removed by employees.
  10. Only after all these actions have been taken do you sign an acceptance report for the services rendered.

The King Arthur Moving Company is responsible for quality issues. We will certainly tell you in one of the future articles how the quality control system of our company is built.

However, without your direct involvement, it is extremely difficult for us to track all aspects of the move. Please do not disregard this simple instruction! And we will do our best to make sure your move goes smoothly.

What It Takes To Move

The most important part of the move is “resource planning”. You will need packaging for the items and furniture, transport for their transportation, assistance with special services and, if you do not involve a mover company, support of friends and acquaintances. Below you will find our tips and tricks to help you organize all the resources you need to move efficiently and quickly.

Materials for packing your property when you move.

Careful packing of things with quality materials is a prerequisite for their safety during loading and unloading operations and transportation to a new apartment. So that you can choose the best packaging option, it is important to understand the purpose as well as the pros and cons of the most popular types of packaging materials.

  • Stretch film. It is flexible and easy to stretch, so it is tightly wrapped on furniture, appliances, personal belongings, protecting them from getting wet and dirty. However, the film does not protect the property from damage caused by falls, impacts, it is easy to tear with sharp angles. It will not protect expensive furniture, fragile porcelain and is mainly used as an additional outer layer on hard boxes.
  • Sacks. Perhaps the most affordable type of packaging sold in conventional supermarkets. When folded, they are compact, weigh very little and are relatively inexpensive. However, it is inconvenient to pack items in bags – because of the soft shape it is impossible to put everything in the right order. Such packaging is suitable only for voluminous clothes or soft toys, and other items can break through it. The weight in the bags is not evenly distributed, so with the declared 25-30 kg they can withstand no more than 15 kg. Items in these bags are not protected from damage by impact or friction. The bags are uncomfortable to carry and place in the car body during transportation. Another disadvantage is the difficulty of marking.
  • Boxes. The most suitable packaging, which, although more expensive than bags, protects the contents from shocks, scratches. Things in them can be neatly decomposed, and the container itself – to mark. You have to choose specialized boxes for moving. They are made of durable, multi layer technical cardboard, they can withstand transportation and carrying, in contrast to conventional storage boxes.

Packaging materials can be purchased from construction stores, hypermarkets for household goods or from moving companies. Of course, the latter option is the most optimal. For example, “Delicate Moving” offers packaging in several formats and sizes. After all, the move will require boxes for the packaging of large items, office equipment, small boxes for small things, wardrobe models for clothes on “shoulders” with clothes, etc. You can calculate how many of them you will need in a special online calculator.

Do not forget – it is necessary to protect the finishing of the premises (especially doorways), as well as the ends of furniture when you take out and bring in a new apartment. There are profiles and corners for this. For unpacking, you will need a stationery knife or other cutting tools.

Transport for transporting things

If you organize the move yourself, agree in advance with the transport company that will provide the car. It is important to find a car with a cargo hold sufficient to accommodate the entire property, but not too spacious so that you do not overpay for excess volume.

The following factors should be considered when choosing a vehicle:

  • Access roads for cars at both addresses – barriers, underground parking lots, arches and other structures may impose restrictions on the height of the body and, therefore, the type of car;
  • the size of furniture and large items – the height of the van depends on them; and for equipment and property that is allowed to be transported only vertically (refrigerators, for example), add from 10 cm “stock”;
  • the popular tent gazelles are highly discouraged from being used on crossings! They will not protect your property from moisture, dust, and most importantly – mechanical damage during transportation. Make sure that the van you have chosen is equipped with fasteners (anchor belts) for safe transportation;
  • when loading heavy, oversized objects weighing from 100 kg, it is convenient to use a car with a hydromass – a kind of “lift”;
  • after loading, the van must be sealed – be present during the procedure and when signing the documents, make sure that the number of the seal is indicated so as not to get into trouble.

Pay attention to all these details when choosing a vehicle. If you are not sure that you will be able to determine the type of transport, the volume of the body and calculate the exact time of the car, contact the managers of a professional moving company. Prepare as detailed a description of the task as possible – a complete list of things and conditions of work. Employees of the muving company will pick up the cars and tell you what they should be like. Support for the moving service is also beneficial because the company is financially responsible for the property when you move and its employees are closely watching the safety of your property.

Moving Assistants

It is extremely difficult to organize a move solely on one’s own. If you apply for a mover service, its employees will help you. Otherwise, you will need the support of friends, relatives, friends. Make a list of people who can help you pack and move things. Ask your loved ones exactly if they agree, and if they have time on the appointed day – you may need to move to a different date. Think about how you will deal with force majeure situations if helpers suddenly fail to arrive, refuse, get sick – make a “plan B” for yourself.

If you do not turn to the mover company, which provides comprehensive support for moving, and the usual movers, approach them as responsibly as possible. Illegal carriers are dangerous not only by doubtful skills, but also by the risk of theft, damage to things. When you choose a contractor, make sure that it provides the necessary guarantees: the contract will be concluded, the material responsibility of the contractor will be indicated, you will receive the bill of lading and transport with which the property is officially accepted for transportation.

In addition to movers, you may need clinkers to help clean the house after moving in or preparing a new residence for settlement, computer foremen, Internet service provider staff, etc. It is necessary to write out separately contacts of the checked up service of delivery of ready meal – in case you do not have time for cooking in the first days.

Items of prime necessity

To make the move less uncomfortable, pre-assemble and package the essentials, mark the boxes with different markings. Make sure they are the last to be loaded into the vehicle. This way, they will be available in the first place when unloading and you won’t feel uncomfortable. Make the inscriptions on the boxes as clear as possible, sort things by destination, family members’ belongings. We have written in one of our articles in detail about the things and items you may need in the first place after you move.


To make the move easier, try to determine in advance whose support you will use and which mover you would prefer. It depends on which partner you choose, whether your belongings are protected, how much trouble you will face, and whether you will receive a guarantee. King Arthur Moving Company will do everything to make the transportation of your belongings simple, easy and the new apartment as soon as possible become a cozy and comfortable home.