Perhaps the best way to get rid of the hassle of moving is to go to a professional. Moving company employees will really take on most of the tasks.

But does this mean that the entire responsibility for your move will fall on the mover?

Still, no. And it is important not only to be responsible for the choice of the company, but also to accept the work competently.

We understand that after the end of the move, we would like to complete the formalities as soon as possible, to conduct specialists and start learning in a new place. But first it is necessary to make sure that the move was really “excellent”. It will not take much time, but will insure you against possible misunderstandings in the future.

We have prepared a handy checklist with which you will not miss a single important detail.

So, at the end of the move with an employee of a mover company:

  1. Check the availability of the full package of documents (properly executed and signed on both sides of the contract with annexes + acceptance report + payment documents).
  2. Check the availability of all property on the list (King Arthur Moving Company encloses the list to the service agreement). With large items and furniture, as a rule, no questions arise. Also count boxes of things, household appliances, sports equipment (bicycles, skis), etc.
  3. Make sure there is no damage to the property – carefully inspect the furniture and boxes from all sides.
  4. If the furniture has been assembled – be sure to check the quality of assembly (the furniture is flat, does not wobble, all doors are tightly closed, drawers “walk” smoothly, handles are securely screwed on).
  5. Inspect the walls and floors in the room after the work for any damage to the finish, pay special attention to the door openings and walls in narrow corridors.
  6. If you refused to unpack the property by the staff of the muving company, you should check the integrity of all the boxes – there should be no traces of damage to the packaging, dents and crevices.
  7. When transporting property that belongs to the list of technically complex goods (household and office appliances), be sure to check its performance. This should be done twice on the day of moving – before packing and transportation and after – and must be done in the presence of movers.
  8. If you move property that requires special care, such as fragile, valuable or memorable items (our contract has a separate Appendix 2 to fix the list of such items), at the end of the move you must unpack and inspect it.
  9. Check that all used packaging material has been removed by employees.
  10. Only after all these actions have been taken do you sign an acceptance report for the services rendered.

The King Arthur Moving Company is responsible for quality issues. We will certainly tell you in one of the future articles how the quality control system of our company is built.

However, without your direct involvement, it is extremely difficult for us to track all aspects of the move. Please do not disregard this simple instruction! And we will do our best to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Checklist: How To Properly Take The Moving Work

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