The search for new opportunities, prospects and goals to improve their quality of life annually forces many people to move to a new place. Some are puzzled by the prospect of better education, others seek to improve their financial performance in their new jobs, and others dream of family reunion. Usually, a change of residence is limited to the territory of one city or town. But what if the new job is in another city or a prestigious university is a few hundred kilometers from home? At such moments, the question of moving to another city is acute.

If recently moving within the country caused a lot of questions and not every company could provide the organization of such a service, to date, for the performance of this task is taken by numerous transport agencies. Our company for many years provides services for the transportation of apartments and offices throughout the U.S. and our experience allows us to proudly declare that we can fulfill the order of any complexity and in a short time.

Organization of such a move is a time-consuming process, but feasible. It is important to consider all the details and properly organize the work:

  • to determine the terms and to meet them;
  • to choose the necessary and specially designed transport;
  • understand how many people will be required to perform the tasks based on the scope of work;
  • what special packing material is necessary, in what quantity;
  • how much time will be occupied by loading and unloading works and directly transportation.

When you have decided to move to another city, time begins to work against you and the turmoil begins. In order to avoid difficulties and loss of time, resources and money, get ready to move in advance. You should start looking for a transport company at least 2 weeks before you leave.

By choosing King Arthur Moving as your transport partner for your property to another city, you get a range of services:

  • Qualitative consultation on all nuances of your move;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Preliminary calculation of cost of your order, considering your wishes, terms and volume of work.
  • Signing a contract for services with the company King Arthur Moving and insurance of your property;
  • Timely work done to disassemble furniture, disassemble equipment, pack all items and personal belongings in containers proper for quality transportation;
  • Proper specialized transport for the successful transport of your goods to another city with obligatory body sealing;
  • Reliable and gentle hoppers for loading and unloading operations;
  • Delivery of your property to the doors of your new residence;
  • Installation of equipment, assembly of furniture and placement of items in a new location based on the layout plan or on the instructions of the customer;
  • Quality, reliability, impeccable result and great mood from the successful, easy and completed on time work of our team!

The King Arthur Moving team is convinced that long distance travel can and should be a pleasure for you. Contact us and see for yourself!

If an office long-distance transfer is more important for you, you need to move your equipment or you are moving your production to another city, the King Arthur Moving Company will be glad to help you in solving these issues. For this purpose it is enough to call and our managers will consult you on all questions, will give recommendations and will choose the optimum decision exactly for you.

We firmly believe that any task is feasible. Apply to King Arthur Moving and move to your own pleasure, leaving all the concerns of your project to us.