Have you ever thought about where to put things when you move when you can’t put them all in a new place? Let’s say you’re moving your office to a space that’s much smaller than the previous one. A lot of furniture and office equipment will be thrown away if you don’t find a warehouse service. An even bigger problem could be the final move from a large country house to a small apartment. Here the scale of losses in general is colossal. Some things will have to be taken for temporary storage by relatives and friends. Thus burdening both them and themselves. Also, our private clients are people who have sold their properties and are looking for a new one. Such a search may not last for a month, so things need to be somewhere – something must be determined. Not everyone is able to negotiate with new owners and leave everything temporarily with them. What to say about repairs, when things just need to be completely cleaned, so that workers can quietly perform all their tasks. Now it is rare that any repair is done without changing the layout and disassembly work.

That is why the warehouse services have gained such rapid popularity. They can be used as a private person, and a large enterprise. When choosing a place to store your belongings should be guided by the following rules:

  • The room must meet all conditions of safe storage (temperature, humidity, fire safety, ventilation, proper sanitary conditions). It is good if your belongings are securely packed and left for a short time. But when it comes to long-term storage, especially during the cold wet season? Under improper conditions, things can be spoiled.
  • Are there any guards in the warehouse. And in general, what kind of security features are present (surveillance systems, for example). You can ask for contracts with a security company and an insurance company. This is a good guarantee for the safety of your belongings.
  • There must always be a fire and security alarm system. Many businessmen neglect this.
  • The size of the warehouse should be equipped with racks. This will provide individual storage for each client. And this is the right way to avoid accidental confusion.
  • The availability of modern equipment for loading and unloading things will be a definite plus. This simplifies the work of the warehouse staff and saves you time.
  • Pay attention to the location of the warehouse. It should not be too difficult for you, the fire department or security company to get there.

It follows that the price of a warehouse service is not the most important argument when choosing.

You will not find a safer and more comfortable place than a warehouse! In this way, you solve two problems at once: you find the right security guard for your property and do not need to load/unload household items yourself.

Our company King Arthur Moving meets all requirements for warehouse services. When arranging your belongings for the temporary storage warehouse, we draw up all the accompanying documentation for all requirements. This is why your belongings are in safe storage. For long-term storage, we will use additional packaging materials to protect your belongings from negative influences. For the safety of your belongings, we are responsible for our reputation.

To take advantage of your lucky ticket is to trust King Arthur Moving, where you will find the support you need. We provide warehousing services in Kiev for any purpose. Our warehouses are clean, warm and reliably protected from adverse weather conditions and burglary. In conditions of our warehouse all rules of fire safety are observed and all conditions are created that your things have not been damaged.

It is very convenient to store packaged pieces of furniture and equipment, as special shelving has been designed for this purpose. When the goods arrive at us, you receive the documentation (contract, inventory list). And after the expiration of the contract, you can pick up the goods yourself or use our services for shipping, which is very convenient.

Our team assumes all material responsibility for the integrity and safety of your belongings. You can be sure that they are reliably protected from any adversity and inclement weather. And the price of storage at our warehouse is the most honest and fair in the country!