Support services of loaders: professional loading and unloading works

When moving, loading and unloading is best left to professionals. Company King Arthur Moving offers you services of loaders. On departure there comes a command of experts, among which furniture collectors, riggers and simply strong men. Professional loaders possess a wide experience, neatly look, do not waste your time for snacks and empty chatter. The use of alcohol is excluded. Perhaps the services of professional movers are more expensive than the help of a neighbor. Remember, however, that appliances, furniture and other valuable items require a delicate approach rather than brute force. And the desire to save money in such situations can end up being an additional expense.

Moving with loaders includes the following services:

Disassembly, furniture assembly. We will disassemble sofas, beds, tables, placing the details in the appropriate type of packaging material. After that we will assemble in a new place. Transportation of furniture with loaders and assemblers from the company King Arthur Moving – a guarantee of safety of your belongings.
Dismantling, assembly. Gently remove the TV from the wall, after which we will also delicately install in a new place. We will organize the transportation of gas columns, boilers. We’ll move shelves, hinged cabinets – we’ll keep every nail. You can order movers for an hour, two, or at least for the whole day.
Loading, unloading works. After things are packed and ready for transportation, professional loaders will begin loading. High floor, steep steps, narrow aisles – there are no such obstacles that will prevent our specialists to fulfill your order qualitatively.

To order the movers to move, you only need to make one phone call. All other concerns for the transportation of your belongings we will take care of. Our specialists are ready to get to work right now!

Five reasons to hire movers exactly from us:

A great experience. Loading and unloading are performed by specialists who have proven themselves in the work. In our company work only healthy, strong and sober loaders.
Only experts. Each brigade is a full team of professionals. If necessary on departure the estimator of moving, the furniture collector, a rigger, the driver and loaders leaves.
Promptness in work. Do you need movers for an hour? Trust King Arthur Moving. We work with our hands and our heads. Any questions from our side – only to improve the quality of transportation of your belongings.